Get familiar with our innovative Bitcoin based tip and share servies
"Share bits" FAQ
Q1. What is "Share bits" service?
"Share bits" is a free service provided by, by which you can easy earn bits from others.

Q2. How do I use "Share your bits"?

Please follow three steps:

1. Find the blue "Share your bits" icon in any website using our services.
2. If you want to tip to the author(s), click the icon. Then you are done! (If you haven't login our website yet, you will be prompted to sign in first)
    We will transfer 300 bits from your account to the author(s) later.
3. A window will pop up, telling you that your tip is done. You can leave a not to the author(s) or modify your tip amount here.

Q3. How do I check my "Share bits" history?
After you log in at, please go to "Tip History" page, you can find all transactions by which you earned bits from "Share bits" link in "Share Earned" tab.

Q4. How can I have the "Share your bits" icon shown on my websites, blogs, pictures, and etc.? offers three ways for you to embed our "Share bits" service to your websites, blogs, pictures and more!

Option 1: If you are a website developer and able to modify website source code, you can embed our HTML code to your webpages.
Option 2: If you don't like to work with source code, just attach our "Tip with bits" link to the end of your published content.
Option 3: Your published content is offline? Don't worry, you can embed our QR code to your print media! Once people scan the QR code, you will be tipped!

Q5. How can I generate my "Share bits" link?

Please go to "Custom Link" page and choose "Share bits" tab, then you are able to generate your "Share your bits" link.

There are three items you need to fill:
1. "Click amount": how many bits you want to give for each click? Basically, it means how many bits you want to give to each user.
2. "Click number": maxinum click number allowed. Basically, it means how many users you want to give bits to.
3. "Valid days": when will this "Share bits" link expire? Users can no longer git bits from this link after the expiration day.

Q6. How can I check/regenerate my old "Share bits" link?

Please go to "Custom Link" page, and click "Share Link history" tab. All your pass "Share your bits" links will dispay, and you can click "Generate Link" to regenerate HTML Code, Direct Link, or QR Code.