Get familiar with our innovative Bitcoin based tip and share servies
"Tip bits" FAQ
Q1. What is "Tip bits" service?
"Tip bits" is a free service provided by, by which you can easy award bits to content authors without hassle.

Q2. How do I use "Tip bits"?

Please follow three steps:

1. Find the blue "Tip bits" icon in any website using our services.
2. If you want to tip to the author(s), click the icon. Then you are done! (If you haven't login our website yet, you will be prompted to sign in first)
    We will transfer 300 bits from your account to the author(s) later.
3. A window will pop up, telling you that your tip is done. You can leave a not to the author(s) or modify your tip amount here.

Q3. How does "Tip bits" work?

Once you click the "Tip bits" icon, you submit a request to, saying that you want to transfer 300 bits from your account to the authors posted the "Tip bits" icon. However, will not process your request immediately, instead, we will put your request on hold for 24 hours, which is called "waiting period". Within the waiting period, you are able to cancel your request if you change your mind. After the 24-hour waiting period, will then start to process your requests and transfer bits from your account to authors' accounts.

Note: you can always cancel your "Tip bits" request during the 24-hour waiting period. Therefore, feel free to try our "Tip bits" service!

Q4. How to I cancel my "Tip bits"?

For many reasons, you may want to cancel your submission of "Tip bits" after you did it. There are two ways you can cancel it:

Option 1: You can cancel immediately in the window poped up after you click the "Tip bits" icon.

Option 2: If you have closed the pop-up window and still want to cancel, please
1. go to and login your account;
2. go to "Tip History" page, find the transaction you want to cancel;
3. if your transaction has not been processed (which usually happens after 24~32 hours), you can click "Cancel" button to cancel.

Note: your "Tip bits" cannot be cancelled if it has been processed or completed.

Q5. How do I check my "Tip bits" history?
After you log in at, in "Tip History" page, you can find all transactions by which you tipped bits to others, AND by which you got bits from others' tip.

Q6. How can I have the "Tip bits" icon shown on my websites, blogs, pictures, and etc.? offers three ways for you to embed our "Tip bits" service to your websites, blogs, pictures and more!

Option 1: If you are a website developer and able to modify website source code, you can embed our HTML code to your webpages.
Option 2: If you don't like to work with source code, just attach our "Tip bits" link to the end of your published content.
Option 3: Your published content is offline? Don't worry, you can embed our QR code to your print media! Once people scan the QR code, you will be tipped!

Q7. Can I customize my "Tip bits" service?

Of course! Our "Tip bits" service is fully customizable, and it is highly recommended for you to customize your "Tip bits" link such that you can better organzie your contents.

There are four thing you can customize:
1. Add more authors into your "Tip bits" link by including their registered emails. For each click, the 300 bits will be distributed to all the authors by assigned percentage.
2. Adjust the bits each author wil receive. Simply put the percentage in the box, and we will calculate the exact amount. Total must be 100%.
3. If there is a hyperlink for your published content, put it in "Target URL for Tip Link" such that people can visit it again from their "Tip History".
4. You can also add memo in "Comment" for yourself, such that you will not be confused with lots of "Tip bits" link in future.

Q8. How can I check/regenerate my old "Tip bits" link?

Please go to "Custom Link" page, and click "Tip Link history" tab. All your pass "Tip bits" links will dispay, and you can click "Generate Link" to regenerate HTML Code, Direct Link, or QR Code.