Get familiar with our innovative Bitcoin based tip and share servies
Beginner's Guide
Q1. How do I get started?
The easiest way is to watch our video for new users:

Q2. What is Bitcoin?

In non-technical language, Bitcoin is a digital currency in which transactions can be performed without the need for a credit card or central bank. It's designed to enable users to send money over the Internet in a very simple and efficient way. uses bit as the unit for our "Tip bits" and "Share bits" services, because of our nature of micropayment. 1 Bitcoin = 1,000,000 bits.

Go to Bitcoin FAQ for more information.

Q3. What is the "Tip bits" service?

"Tip bits" is a free service provided by, by which you can easy award bits to content authors without hassle.

Go to "Tip bits" FAQ for more information.

Q4. What is the "Share bits" service ?

"Share bits" is a free service provided by, by which you can easy earn bits from others.

Go to "Share bits" FAQ for more information.

Q5. How can I deposite bitcoin into my account?

Whenever you create a new account in, we will automatically assign a bitcoin address to you. All our services including "Tip bits" and "Share bits" will deposit to and withdraw from this address. When you deposte bitcoin into your account from external website or bitcoin client, please remember to deposit to your assigned bitcoin address ONLY.

To find out your assigned bitcoin address, please go to "My Wallet" page. The 1st bitcoin address dispalyed in "Wallet" section is your assigned bitcoin address by

Please go to "My Wallet" FAQ for more information.

Q6. How can I withdraw bitcoin from my account?

Once you signed up an accout from, you will earn bitcoin little by little since then. After you earn a great amount of bits using our "Tip bits" service, you may want to move it from our assigned bitcoin address to your own bitcoin address for safety.

You can withdraw bitcoin in "My Wallet" page. Your withdrawal request will be initiated immediately, and you shall received the bits in your imported address in about 10~30 minuties.

We also prepare automatic transfer service for you! Please go to "My Wallet" FAQ for more information.

Note: a fee of 100 bits will be charged by Bitcoin network for each withdrawal.

Q7. Why don't I need to confirm when I send tip to others using "Tip bits"?

Because we want to reduce any hassle which may happened in sending tip to others, skips the "confirmation" step. However, you don't need to worry about making tip by mistake! You can easily cancel your tip request immediately in the pop-up window, or cancel it in "Tip History" page of

Go to "Tip bits" FAQ for more information.

Note: Every "Tip bits" request will have a 24-hour waiting period. You can cancel your request anytime withing the waiting period without hassle!